and the lessons I learned along the way

I started programming when I was 18…and then I created my first program at 24. You might think that it’s an awesome program that took 6 years to make. Truth is, I spent most of the time learning and telling myself that I can’t do it, rinse and repeat…

The program that I wrote is a simple program to automate a boring task that I have been doing daily…All it took was a passion called [I hate routine work], and YouTube where I copied 90% of the code and called it mine.

It wasn’t easy, programming is scary…It took me…

January 2021 has already been so full of surprises! I launched my first game, playable on both mobile and pc, written my first blog post and resumed my piano lesson.

Yet the best thing that I started is when I dusted off my 5 years old Kindle. I have the pleasure of reading two gems that I happened to stumble upon when listening to Bill Gate’s latest podcast.

1. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Written by Yuval, a historian/ philosopher who explores the world of “cognitive revolution”. The author describes the importance of understanding human history, how a lot…

an unique blend between music & game

I had the pleasure of joining my 2nd game jam held on January 11th 2020. It had a total of 19 submissions, which many of us have spent our precious weekend making instead of watching Netflix.

The theme is to use the provided music by the wonderful folks at Two Album Challenge to create a game that’s inspired by music.

I have managed to play all of the 19 games and below are 5 of my personal favorites, in no particular order.

The Strategy — [Pawndamonium]

Don’t be fooled by the chess-like structure! While it might look and feel like…

Thomas Yang

Indie game developer. I write about games and technology that can be used in our everyday life.

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